Who We Are

Our Mission

To celebrate our legacy, inspire excellence, and empower the next generation of harpists


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

The American Harp Society is committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive membership where all perspectives are heard and valued.  We believe that respect and inclusion inspire creativity. We embrace the sharing of a broad range of ideas, experiences, viewpoints, and creative approaches among our members to empower a vibrant, supportive harp community.

Adopted by the Board of Directors 2/16/2021

Code of Ethics

The American Harp Society Inc., is committed to promoting honesty, integrity, and transparency. The AHS asks its members, when engaged in Society activities and/or when representing the Society in the community at large: to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct; to treat everyone with courtesy, fairness, and respect; to be accountable for their actions; and to strive for the highest levels of service, performance, and social responsibility in pursuit of the goals and the objectives of the Society.

This Code is part of a broader set of organizational policies and compliance procedures. This Code is not intended to supersede or materially alter current organizational policies and procedures

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