Legacy Publications

Unkle Knuckles News

Created by William Lovelace with artwork by David Kolacny, Unkle Knuckles was a supplement to The American Harp Journal from 1994-2007. Its aim was to appeal to the youngest members of the American Harp Society.

The Teachers Forum

Edited by Elizabeth Blakeslee, The Teachers Forum was published from 1997—2004 as a supplement to the The American Harp Journal. Its goal was to focus in depth in each issue on one topic of interest to harp teachers of all levels.

Teachers Forum Table of Contents (PDF)

Back Issues

The entire Unkle Knuckles News and Teacher's Forum supplements are available for AHS national members to download FREE.  Log into myAHS and click "AHS Legacy Publications" in the drop down menu.

For non-members. back issues of individual AHS Teachers Forum issues are $3 each, including postage. Please send your request to AHJCirc@gmail.com.  Be sure to specify which issue(s) you are purchasing.