Special Group Memberships

AHS is pleased to offer two discounted educational group memberships for certain constituents.  One is for approved schools and non-profits serving harp students in grades K-12.  The second is for a group of harp studio students joining together.  We hope to welcome more members, particularly youth, and keep memberships as affordable as possible.  All individuals enjoy member benefits such as AHS e-news delivered to their email address, digital (only) American Harp Journal access, the ability to register for national events, discounted harp insurance, etc.

Please carefully read the requirements and information below, and click the appropriate button to create your group membership.  Please note that these are organizational memberships that are independent and separate from any individual memberships that happen to be in effect for the involved teachers.

K-12 Organization Group Membership

A flat-rate one-year membership for schools or non-profits serving K-12 students

Flat fee of $250 for one year includes:
• 1 Primary membership (A regular membership with all AHS member benefits)
• Unlimited student memberships (full access to all AHS student member benefits and digital Journal)
• 1 print Journal (mailed to Primary member, can opt out for digital instead)

How it works:
• The Primary member applies for validation as a qualified organization to purchase this membership by completing this form.  Once approved, an email with a link to the full membership form will be sent.
• The Primary Member completes the membership form in the name of the organization, and inputs the names and email addresses for the student members. 
• The Primary Member receives an invitation to create a myAHS login with the group membership number..
• Each student submember will receive their own unique AHS member number, and will be invited to create a myAHS login in order to access their benefits and individual record.
• The Primary Member may update the group records at any time by logging into myAHS, adding or removing members as needed.
• Payments by check or purchase order will be accepted in addition to online payment options, and an invoice will be made available.
• Membership expires after one year.

Start the Process


Studio Membership

A discounted one-year membership program for regular harp studio participants.

Join as a group of 10 or more at the same time and receive 50% off the regular or student membership rate, with a digital Journal subscription, when your studio teacher is an active AHS member. Teachers may team up with their colleagues to reach the 10 student minimum.  There are no age restrictions for the students in the studio.

How it works:
• The Sponsoring Teacher (already an AHS member) collects the appropriate membership fees and student information in advance with this downloadable form.   
• The Sponsoring Teacher looks up their AHS member number (needed in the next step) by logging into their personal membership account at myAHS.  Be sure to log out before taking the next step.
• The Sponsoring Teacher creates a new Studio Membership via the "Enroll Your Studio" button below.  (DO NOT log in with your individual membership credentials if invited to do so.  You cannot reach this form if you are logged in.  This is a separate "company" account and membership.)
• The Sponsoring Teacher inputs their studio information, and the students' names, emails, and other details and submits payment in full with the form.
• The Sponsoring Teacher receives a unique AHS group member number and creates a login to myAHS for the Studio.  They can update the group records at any time with that login, renewing, adding or removing members as needed.
• Each student in the studio will receive their own unique AHS member number, and will be invited to create a myAHS login to access AHS member benefits. and their individual account.
• Membership expires after one year.

Enroll Your Studio

("myAHS" is the AHS member portal, accessible from the top of all pages of www.harpsociety.org)