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Renewable American Harp Society memberships extend 12 or 24 months from the initial join date and may be purchased at any time. The discounted two-year membership saves you $10 off normal rates ($5 for student members) and offers the best value. For additional convenience and to support our budget planning for the future, select automatic renewal option. The AHS will automatically bill the credit card on file (securely stored by a third-party billing vendor) when your membership comes up for renewal.  You may opt out at any time.

NEW:  International members may opt out of receiving the print version of The American Harp Journal and save $15/year with the discount code DIGITAL at checkout - whether new or renewing!  You will receive both annual issues of the Journal in a PDF format instead of in your mailbox.

VIP memberships provide additional support to AHS.  AHS is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and dues amounts above $50 are tax-deductible for U.S. citizens;  please consult your tax advisor.



Welcome to the AHS!  The easy online membership form offers the following options.  You may also set your Membership Directory preferences and create your member portal login during registration.  To return to your account and explore the many members-only resources any time, just click "myAHS" at the top of

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Non-US mailing address?  Want to receive your American Harp Journal only digitally?  Use code DIGITAL at checkout to SAVE $15 USD/year!

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** Student memberships are available to individuals who are age 21 or younger, or currently a full-time student in a college or university.   Those with non-U.S. addresses  should join as an International Student Member, and may use the discount code DIGITAL to save $15 by receiving only the digital version of the Journal.   Membership payments are in U.S. Dollars, and are non-refundable.



We encourage everyone to join/renew online to take advantage of the dynamic AHS Member Portal resources, and have the option for your membership to renew automatically each year.

Prefer to join or renew by mail? Download a printable membership form here.

To join via phone contact the AHS Membership Secretary at 805-410-HARP (4277).