Board of Directors

*Lynne Aspnes Director-at-Large, President
Sarah Crocker Southern Regional Director, Regional Director Coordinator
Jennifer Ellis Pacific Regional Director
*Mary Ann Flinn Southeast Regional Director, Secretary
Joan Holland Mid Central Regional Director
Cindy Horstman Director-at-Large
Chilali Hugo Western Regional Director
*Lillian Lau Director-at-Large, 1st Vice-President
*Karen Lindquist Director-at-Large
*Elaine Litster Director-at-Large, Treasurer
*Charles W. Lynch III Director-at-Large
Ray Mooers Director-at-Large
Eleanor Niemisto North Central Regional Director
Vincent Pierce South Central Regional Director
Felice Pomeranz Northeastern Regional Director
*Angela Schwarzkopf Director-at-Large, 2nd Vice President
Jessica Siegel Director-at-Large
*Susan Spiwak Director-at-Large
Anne Sullivan Mid Atlantic Regional Director
*Kela Walton Director-at-Large, Chairman of the Board
Brandee Younger Director-at-Large

* All officers and those directors marked with an asterisk are members of the 2020-2021 Executive Committee


Kathryn McManus

Executive Director

Barbara Sooklal

Membership Secretary/Bookkeeper

Connie Hunt

National Event Manager

Donna Francis

Administrative Assistant

Allison Volk

Marketing & Communications Manager


The American Harp Journal Staff

Emily Laurance 

Interim Editor 

Stacie Johnston 

Advertising Manager 

Linda-Rose Hembreiker 

Circulation Manager  

Some Pig Information Design 

Art Direction/Layout 

Editorial Board 

Sarah Crocker 
Sara Cutler 
Jennifer Ellis 
Jaymee Haefner 
Diane Michaels 
Kathleen Moon 
Angela Schwarzkopf 
Jaclyn Wappel