Because I think I am making progress

The first recorded reference to this well known quote from cellist Pablo Casals is in a letter he wrote to a colleague in 1944, when Casals was 67 years old. In 1957 at the age of 80 Casals was the subject of a movie short, A Day in the Life of Pablo Casals. The movie's director Robert Snyder asked Casals, "why he continues to practice four and five hours a day." Casals answered: “Because I think I am making progress.”

As the AHS approaches 60, we like to think that we're making progress too.  A new website, a fantastic and transformative strategic plan, and the enthusiasm, skills, and commitment from a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors is going to launch the next decade of achievements for the organization.   Our AHSLive! initiative is one step on the path towards reaching out to the membership with curated content intended to ignite creativity and create community.  We'll be using the AHSLive! platform for SummerFest 2021 and beyond.  In August we'll hold live Q & A sessions with program directors for all of the AHS programs availalble to chapters. Make it a chapter watch party and tune in to learn how to bring AHS programming to your chapters and regions.  Throughout the year we will offer content via AHSLive! that will keep us all motivated, informed, and connected.  

We look forward to seeing you at SummerFest and wish everyone a safe and happy summer, with lots of time in the great outdoors when we're not practicing!

Last Modified: Jun 11th, 2021