Chapter of the Year 2013-2014

Silicon Valley Chapter, Chapter of the Year 2013-2014

The Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Harp Society designated 2013/2014 as “YEAR OF THE YOUTH,” a year in which we provided special opportunities for our young harpists, the future of our chapter and the American Harp Society, Inc. (AHS).  It is important that these young people have the opportunity to know and work with each other, experience the joy of learning together and share their enthusiasm for the harp with each other and their communities.  While concentrating on the young, we also continued to provide opportunities for our adult members to socialize with each other, learn together and play music with each other.   It was a busy year, but also a year of variety and excitement, a year of building the local harp community.  Visit our website at, or on Facebook SCVAHS (Closed group) and Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Harp Society (Open Group).

We have a board of 14 which includes a liaison to “Harper’s Hall” which is a local folk harp society and a liaison to the Bay Area Chapter of the AHS, and our membership has grown to over 70.

To see lots of photos and a full report of our events, click here, or see below for a summary, including links to videos.


1. Haiku for Harp at Hakone Gardens
Hakone Gardens are the oldest Japanese Garden in the Western hemisphere. Nine of our students played the Haikus from the “Haiku for Harp” book written by Susann McDonald and Linda Wood Rollo.  Each Haiku was introduced, being read in Japanese by Reiko Fonda and in English by our member Bob Fonda. Both Susann and Linda were present and commented on each Haiku giving interesting information. The program was recorded on a CD which is available for purchase as a teaching tool for students for use with the book. A reception followed with over 135 people attending, many non- harpists. All enjoyed the ambiance of the gardens.

2. Family Art Day at Triton Museum.
On December 8th from 11:00am to 1:00pm, six of the chapter students played for the Family Art Day at the Triton Art Museum in Santa Clara. It was a great experience for the students playing the harp in the midst of beautiful art.

3.  The Angelic Youth Ensemble
The Angelic Youth Ensemble, directed by Kristal Barlaam, played Christmas music at The San Jose Museum of Art on December 7th.

4. AHS Student Auditions.
The AHS student auditions were held on February 8 and March 16.  Meredith Clark was the adjudicator and 17 students participated.  The first session took place at the home of Sonya Yu and the second session/recital was held at the church of Maryknoll Seminary.

5. Silicon Valley Youth Ensemble
The Silicon Valley Youth Ensemble (YES), a program sponsored by our chapter, was formed in January by Sonya Yu.  The purpose of the YES program is to provide a systemic and comprehensive plan and sequential and practical goals to develop performance skills and focused musical studies. It is an educational program encouraging students to strive for collaboration and musical excellence.
Seven students meet regularly in two hour sessions. Their debut was part of our annual “String Fever” ensemble concert on May 17th. They will also seek out community service opportunities and had a performance at The Terraces of Los Gatos Retirement Residence and SNF on April 26th.

6. 10th annual Arts Panorama, presented by the Silicon Valley Arts Coalition
In addition to these youth programs, our chapter is a member of The Silicon Valley Arts Coalition.  Sharon Macauley, one of our youth, provided harp entertainment at their annual Arts Panorama held on January 24th at Le Petit Trianon.

7. International Music Competition of the Chinese Music Teachers Association of Northern California
This year, for the first time, the Chinese Music Teachers Association has added harp to its competition. Our Chapter is co- sponsoring the competition. It will be held at Stanford and our Chapter will provide judges and refreshments. Several of our young harpists are participating. This is an international event.


Our “Harp Live” program is a favorite.  Several times a year we offer an informal time for our chapter members to meet in a home and play for each other. They may play any style of music and sometimes there are duets and additional instruments along with our usual solos.  Refreshments are offered. It is a great time to find out about new music and to share our love of harp. We had “Harp Live” on Sept 22, Nov. 27 and a joint one with the Bay Area Chapter on April 6 at a home in Moss Beach halfway between San Francisco and San Jose.  “Harp Live” is always a fun time of fellowship.

2. Christmas Ensemble at the San Jose Museum of Art
On December 17th we played our annual Christmas ensemble program at the San Jose Museum of Art. This year we also had solo performers and harp duets. Nine harpists performed. The program was conducted by our President, Lynn Bailey. Ken Dinwiddie also played flute. The program provided background music for people at attending the museum. Over 200 people viewed the art during our performance. The music resounds throughout the museum. The program may be heard at

3. Pedals, Pipes and Strings - In Memory of Anne Adams
On January 26th at Trinity Cathedral, six of our harpists paired with 3 members of the American Guild of Organists for a lovely program of organ and harp titled ”Pedals, Pipes and Strings”.
The program was well attended and may be viewed at:

4. May 17th String Fever
As our annual “String Fever” ensemble concert took place on May 17.  It featured seventeen participants from our chapter, members from “The Harpers Hall” folk harp society, and our newly formed youth ensemble, YES.


1. Annual Kick off event - “Like to Get to Know You”
Our annual kick-off event “Like to Get to Know You” was held at the home of Linda and David Rollo. This yearly event was a cookout.  It is also our annual membership drive. This year we suggested that people clean out their music files including CDs and tapes and bring the items they would never use to the gathering. We had several tables of music and accessories which were available for free. Many went home with found treasures.  Our guest performers were Verleen Schermer on Lever harp, Doninique Piana on pedal harp and her son who is a tenor, as well as several of Linda Rollo’s students. 

2. Heartland Harps
Heartland Harps displayed their new Carbon Fiber harps February 7th from 10:30am - 1:30pm  at  Immanuel Lutheran Church in San Jose.  David Woodworth was there to answer questions.  Twenty seven harpists dropped by to have a “hands on” opportunity to play the harps.

3. Harp Regulation with Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis was available in the choir room of Immanuel Lutheran Church on March 25th and 26th to regulate harps for our chapter members.

4. Filoli Gardens
On May 7th, our chapter provided music at Filoli Gardens for their annual fund raiser to support the upkeep of the Gardens.  This event takes place every Mother’s Day weekend and we have been providing harp music for several years.  This year we will also invite our youth to play. It is a great opportunity to play in a stress free setting. Throughout the mansion there are flower arrangements submitted by the many garden organizations in the bay area.

5. String Fever
Our Annual harp ensemble concert took place on May 18th at Immanuel Lutheran Church in San Jose.  This year it included the youth harpists of YES, our new student ensemble group, as well as our chapter members. This event is open to the public and was followed by a reception.

6. Summer Guest Concert Series
Liza Wallace, House Concert (June-Mid July)
Cindy Chen, Le Petit Trianon (July)
Noel Wan, Trinity Cathedral, Sunday, June 22, at 4:00 pm. (This was a benefit for the Beverly Hargis Scholarship Fund.)
Cafe de la Harp June 20th