Winners Outreach Program

The Winners Outreach Program provides support to chapters for assistance in presenting National Competition winners other than the Concert Artist in recital.  Learn more about the Concert Artist program here.

The goal of the Winners Outreach program is to provide opportunities for AHS competition winners to interact with chapters within their regions, build community among harpists within the regions, and celebrate the achievements of the winners of the bi-annual National Competition.

The application form includes more information about the program, its requirements and qualifications.

Download Guidelines & Application


Current artists who can be presented through this program:

Young Professional Division (up to age 30)   
       2nd: Hannah Cope (Western Region)
  3rd (tie): Adam Phan (Northwestern Region) and Juan Riveros (MidCentral Region)
  4th: Noël Wan (NorthCentral Region)
  5th: Chelsea Lane (Northeastern Region)
  6th (tie): Anna Ellsworth (MidCentral Region) and Hope Wilk (Northeastern Region)
  Honorable mention: Haley Rhodeside (Western Region)
Advanced Division (up to age 21)   
  1st (tie): Claire Thai (Western Region) and Morgan Short (MidAtlantic Region)
  2nd: Kaila Geisinger (Southeastern Region)
  3rd: Caroline Mellott (Northeastern Region)
  4th: Clara Warford (Southern Region)
Intermediate II Division (up to age 18)   
  1st: Annette Lee (Pacific Region)
  2nd (tie): Priyanka Gohal (MidCentral Region) and Shaylen Joos (Northeastern Region)
  3rd: Danielle Nam (Pacific Region)
  4th: Amanda Kengor (MidAtlantic Region)
  5th: Lily Primus (Western Region)
  6th (tie): Julia Johnson (Western Region) and Erika Rosen (Western Region)
  Honorable mention: Beth Henson (Southeastern Region)
Intermediate I Division (up to age 15)   
  1st: Kathleen Hopkins (SouthCentral Region)
  2nd: Eunice Park (MidAtlantic Region)
  3rd: Isabel Cardenes (MidAtlantic Region)
  4th: Sophia Jho (MidAtlantic Region)
  5th: Ava Crook (Southeastern Region)
  6th: Jadelyn Ding (MidAtlantic Region)
  Honorable mentions: Judy Liu (Pacific Region), Elizabeth Johnson (MidAtlantic Region), Skyler Moon (MidAtlantic Region), and Belle Divine (Southeastern Region)
Junior Division (up to age 12)   
  1st: Olivia Lee (Northeastern Region)
  2nd: Erin Choi (Pacific Region)
  3rd: Kaila Blodgett (Western Region)
  4th (tie): Grace Hong (Pacific Region) and Tessa Jackson (Southeastern Region)
  5th (tie): Sophia Love (Westerm Region) and Aaron Stewart (Northeastern Region)
  6th (tie): Calene Lee (Pacific Region), Sarah Smith (Northeastern Region), and Megan Williams (Western Region)

Chapters may confirm their region in the Regions section of this website.