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Luisa Prandina and Sandro Fazzolari

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R to L: Sandro Fazzolari, Luisa Prandina and Laura Sherman, in Luisa's home in Milan, Italy.

Sandro Fazzolari outside Spazio Fazioli in Milan, Italy, where the teaching pieces were recorded.

Editor: In July of 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting Luisa Prandina, co-principal harpist with La Scala, in her lovely home in Milan, Italy. Also in attendance was the Canadian-Italian composer, Sandro Fazzolari, who composed a sonata for oboe and harp for Luisa and the principal oboist of La Scala, Fabien Thouand. The work, entitled Sonata No. 2, Op. 13, No. 1, is featured on the recording, Sandro Fazzolari, Wind music (Como, Italy: Auditoria Classic, www.allmusicalkind.com, ©2017) and can be heard below. (Audio clips and music examples used with permission from the music publisher, Allmusicalkind, Netherlands.)

Download Sonata No. 2 excerpt 1 [pdf]


Download Sonata No. 2 excerpt 2 [pdf]


Editor: In addition to the oboe and harp sonata, Mr. Fazzolari has written a number of teaching pieces for the duo. (He has also written many additional teaching pieces for different instrumental combinations. For more information, contact publisher Mireille Suyck at www.allmusicalkind.com.)

Promo video for Sandro Fazzolari's Teaching Pieces.


The following videos are performances of Sandro Fazzolari's teaching pieces, A New World, for oboe and harp. (The series also includes pieces for flute and harp and other instrumental combinations without harp.) They are played the by La Scala principal harpist Luisa Prandina and La Scala principal oboist Fabien Thouand and were performed at Spazio Fazioli in Milan, Italy. ©Copyright Worldwide 2016, Allmusicalkind.

"For My Friends," Book II/7.


"My Funny Bunny," Book II/21.


"An Elephant's Memoirs," Book II/19.


"My Loveable Teddybear," Book II/1.


"Man's Best Friends," Book II/13.


"Two Love Birds in Spring," Book II/15.


"Going to the Funfair," Book II/3.


"Doing my Homework," Book II/9.


"Henry the Horse," Book II/5.


"Cas the Cool but Careful Cat," Book II/26.

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