22nd American Harp Society National Competition
St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN, June 25-27, 2017

Young Professional Division   
(Max age 30 on June 1)
1st - Abigail Kent (new AHS Concert Artist), Escosa Prize and Maxwell/Calkins Award
2nd - Natalie Severson
  3rd - Hannah Cope
  4th - Elisabeth Zosseder
  5th - Madeline Jarzembak
  6th - Eliza Holland
Advanced Division   1st - Kinsey McNevin
(Max age 21 on June 1) 2nd - Adam Phan
  Salzedo Prize
  3rd - Molly Langr
  4th - Alyssa Katahara
  5th - Clara Wang
  6th - Elizabeth Yeoh-Wang
Intermediate II  
Max age 18 on June 1
1st - Vivian Tang
  Karl Carlson Award
2nd (tie) - Tiffany Wong & Monet Wilson
  4th (tie) - Kaitlin Miller, Erika Rosen, and Kaytie Kerr
Intermediate I Division  
(Max age 15 on June 1)
1st - Annette Lee
  Prize for best performance of Libby Larsen work,
  in honor of Kathy Bundock Moore
2nd - Danielle Nam
  3rd - Lucy Sotak
  4th - Lily Primus
  5th - Renee Murphy
  6th - Emma DeMille
Junior Division 
(Max age 12 on June 1)
1st - Isabella McCormick
  Karl Carlson Award
2nd - Emma Phippen
  3rd - Eunice Park
  Karl Carlson
  4th - (tie) - Chloe Lau, Sophia Jho (Karl Carlson Award), and Kaila Blodgett
  Honorable Mention (tie), given in honor of Kathy Bundock Moore - Jadelyn Ding (Karl Carlson Award), Ava Nicoletti, and Ava Crook (Karl Carlson Award)

Salzedo Memorial Fund Prize for the Best Performance of Salzedo “Scintillation”:  Katherine Siochi

Kathy Moore Prize for the Best Performance of Litton's "Halcyon's Dance": Emma DeMille

Catherine Gotthoffer Prize from the Finzi Fund of the Los Angeles Chapter for the Best Performance of Grandjany "Fantasie": Jessica Ding

Download Prior Years Competition Winners (PDF)